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I’m Rachel, a qualified Pilates Teacher, Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach and Mum of 4 boys ❤️ 
I think it’s imperative to find the type of exercise you enjoy, that way it becomes a priority rather than a chore. 
My favourite types of exercise are Running and Pilates. I feel it is a privilege that I get to teach both. They are very different types of exercise but completely compliment each other. 
Ever since I tried Pilates as a teenager I have wanted to teach it. Pilates makes a huge difference to how you look but most importantly to how you feel. 
I only started to run after I had my first son. I only wish I had discovered it earlier but so happy that I did. I am definitely not any sort of an athlete but I think that helps me to relate to the hundreds of women I have trained to start to run. Most of these women couldn’t even believe they could ever run so it’s such a pleasure to take a beginner from not believing they could run to running for 30 minutes over a relatively short period. I understand that starting something new, or returning to it after a long period can be daunting so I aim to make the classes as enjoyable and pressure free as possible.

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